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Bastion - The Electric Hub of Mankind

The only city that matters. Too big to fall, too complicated to function. A mess of alleyways, legalese and crowds. Aliens, Mockeries and People always in your way and your business.

Everybody’s here. 

Everything is here. 

In Deep Country, the land stretches forever. The long shadow of our embarrassing past. Villages rot away, trees don’t bother to flower anymore, and the potato is eaten cold from the ground. Things were better before. Better before Bastion. 

In the Underground are impossible tunnels beneath time and space. Devious machines release their creations into the corridors. All while the twisting network grows and touches everything. Connects everything. You can get anywhere, but there’s always a challenge. 

You have a failed career and a colossal debt.

Treasure is your only option.

A spark of hope in Electric Bastionland.

Electric Bastionland is a roleplaying game written by Chris McDowall, author of the critically-acclaimed Into The Odd. It uses and expands upon the systems developed in Into The Odd, resulting in a rules-set that’s easy to run as a Referee and even easier to play. It’s not a sourcebook or an expansion - it’s a standalone journey into an unknowable world. 

The pdf contains:

  • Fast, simple rules that fit on a single two-page spread
  • Over 100 Failed Careers that define your character's starting point and bring the world to life
  • Guidance for preparing running your game in Bastion, Deep Country, or the Underground
  • Spot colour artwork by Alec Sorensen
  • A trove of essays and sample content in the Oddendum

Additional content on bastionland.com

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Buy Now$19.00 USD or more

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I finally played EB and am very intrigued however I'm really curious about the adventure generation in the book. I understand the rules and failed careers but it's the adventure generation that piques my interest and why I'm hmmming and hawing about buying.

So I first heard about this game from one of my friends and all of it's absurdities and needed to know more and since then I have LOVED Electric Bastionland/Into the Odd!
(Still trying to get my group to play it, already made a plot of a robot stealing parts of people just need to actually do the game..)

But I was so happy to talk about this game on my TTRPG exploration podcast and spread the word of this game! 


The setting reminds me of the Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake, especially the city in Titus Alone.

Are there bookmarks in the pdf?


No, disappointingly there are not. It really bothers me when large PDFs aren't bookmarked. This should be standard practice.


Following this I was able to get bookmarks added to my PDF.


Is it possible to play it solo?

I believe almost anything is possible to play solo if you try hard enough. The diference is does the game supports it in any way. Electric bastion does not. But instead of the lore it gives principles with which it is easy to improvise on the fly. I am not sure how traps are supposed to work in solo play.

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Hey! I picked up a copy of the free edition for a $5 donation without reading that only 10 failed careers were included. Is there anyway to credit this toward a full copy? I'm an essential healthcare worker,  and my wife and I are both high risk patients as well, so money has been real tight lately.

I love the way you talk about accessibilityfor new players. You've been a real inspiration for my design work.

///UPDATE///The support team sorted me out! Thanks again for the book @~@


Hi Chris. I just bought a used copy of Electric Bastionland and I'm very excited about giving it a try. I want to try using it as a solo rpg, simply out of necessity as I have no one to play with. Would you be willing to offer any advice on how to play it solo? thanks! Michael

Chris, I heard you say on a podcast or YouTube recently that you still had some had some physical copies available. If so, where could I get one? Thank you.

Hi. They're available at www.bastionlandpress.com and if you're in the US then Exalted Funeral have some stock that might work out cheaper with postage.

Brilliant. Thank you!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi Pinkosock,

I wasn't contacted about that bundle, but I contributed an adventure to Dissident Whispers, which you can buy over at https://tuesdayknightgames.itch.io/dissident-whispers